fertilized eggs


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11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
I just bought 2 chickens that were kept with a rooster and have laid eggs before.If they lay any ssoon will they be fertile or not?? Thanks Lisa
If you bought them today and they were with the roo yesterday & previously they should be fertile for a couple weeks with the fertility dropping as the time goes on.
Make sense?
Yes, That does make sense.Thanks for taking the time to educate a city girl. Lisa:)
Hi! I asked the same question a few weeks ago as our two girls were with a boy before we got them. The answeres ranged from two to four weeks! our girls started laying a week and a half after getting here, so we're gonna try hatching the first few eggs to see what happens. We've made our own incubator and prepared the kids incase we don't get any chicks.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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