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    Dec 8, 2011
    I live in a rural area, on an acre and a half. Our chickens are our pets and also the wonderful providers of our eggs.
    My husband has been up until now, fertiling our lawn with a fertilizer he gets from Wilbur-Ellis. I am not a fan of this fertilizer and before I thought about it again, our lawn was fertilized this fall and our chickens have been roaming around on our grass. It appears they don't peck at the fertilizer balls that are meant to dissolve but I'm very hesitant to eat the eggs now and concerned for their health (and ours) in general.
    I am going to put my foot down and not allow for this fertilizing method anymore, now that we have chickens and also because lawn fertilizers can be very nasty in general, but can someone help by suggesting a safe fertilizer alternative (other than chicken poo) that I can suggest to my husband? Is there such thing??
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    Jul 18, 2011
    Eudora, Kansas

    I had these questions too....about the farm next to us that borders our property. They have dozens of acres of soybean fields and I don't even know who owns it. I think they lease the land. I'm wondering if my chickens eat anything after the spring plant if they'll be sick.

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