Few questions for veterans about egg laying

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by prairiehousewife, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Last fall my dog got 9/10 of my hens, so I got 6 more from a neighbor with a seriously over-crowded coop. I have/had no idea how old these hens are/were and they didn't lay eggs all winter. They've finally started laying and I seem to only be getting 2 good eggs from those 6 chickens. The rest are cloudy--as in when I crack them, they're cloudy and it looks as if there's a membrane in there that didn't attach (I'd post a picture to show you what I mean, but I can't seem to figure out to do that). What is this and can it be fixed? And how old long do chickens lay? I thought I heard a couple years, so I'm wondering if this is the case, I probably need to get rid of these chickens I've been feeding all winter without getting any eggs. A couple have runny poo, too, I think. I thought I got most of that solved before winter, but seems like at least one still has it. They get layer feed with some oyster shells, which they have access to outside the feeder, and they have access to grit, and I feed them a corn/grain type mixture at about 1 1/2 cups a day many days for a treat. Any advice would be helpful!
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    I think what you're describing may be a normal exceptionally fresh egg! The cloudiness is normal in a very fresh egg and I believe the membrane that you are referring to may be the chalaza. Do an internet search on the characteristics of fresh eggs and the "parts of an egg."

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