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  1. Aloha, we got our 6 week old pullets a few days ago and so far so good as they are our first. I just had a couple questions. First, since we are in Hawaii and have such mild weather they are in their small coop already. But I've noticed instead of roosting on the two perches we have, they snuggle up in the nest boxes. Is that ok? I figure it's because they are still young but wanted to make sure I wasn't perpetuating a future problem. Also when I open their door to let them out and attach their ladder they refuse to come out! I call them, tempt them with snacks and have tried leaving them alone to try on their own, but nothing has worked so far lol is this an age thing too?[​IMG]
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    They are fine. My most recent batch of chickens wouldn't use the coop ladder until they were about 8 weeks old. They didn't start roosting at night until they were about 10 weeks old. They will catch on. They just need some time to adjust to their environment. Sleeping in the nest box is fine as long as no predators can get to them. I have a 19 month old hen that still prefers to sleep in the nest box. As long as she is healthy and happy, I let her be. Sooner or later one will get brave enough to try all that stuff and the other will follow. Have fun with your new chicks!
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  3. Awesome thanks! And the only predators we have that might try and get In the coop is mongoose but we made sure they are safe and secure :)
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    My chicks started on the ladder at four weeks, however I had to grab them to put them in and out the first few days. After I showed them to go in and out they quickly figured out they could do it on their own.

    As far add the sleeping in the nest box it's not necessarily "bad" however it's not a good habit. If you let them do it now you'll most likely have problems with them still doing it later when you want them to use the nesting boxes for egg laying. This could either result in broken eggs or them refusing to lay in the boxes.

    I would suggest blocking access to the nest boxes until you expect then to start laying.

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