Fiberglass bathroom tubs... UGH!! How do you clean these things!!!!


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My new house has a fiberglass tub in one bathroom and a fiberglass jet tub in the other. I am in Fl, it is nothing but sand around here... Which results in a grey, streaky residue around the sides of the tub. I have not found anything that really cleans it well..... You can't really scrub too hard... Or it scratches....what the heck do you clean these things with! It's driving me crazy, it never looks clean and as far as I'm concerned who ever made these things should be shot!.... Ok, not really ...but at least hung up by their toes..... :/. :D
I find Kaboom has yet to NOT clean any bathroom issue i've had.I clean my fiberglass tub with it when there is too much soap scum on bottom.
I had to resort in using oven cleaner worked pretty good but not sure in long term if it would corrode the fiberglass. I'm hating it too!
Either scrubby bubbles or comet powder on a bathroom sponge... the pads labeled for bathroom use aren't supposed to scratch it up.

I'm lucky, our new house has porcelain!
Is it a grey slimy film? or a hard film, like calcium? it's not the tubs fault, it's your water.

For a hard film, CLR or lime away or iron out, will work. just don't breath it!!

You may need a water filter or maybe a softener if you don't have one of those.

If it's slimy, try turning the temp up on you hot water heater. See if it goes away.

My parents were having the same issue, and the heater was not hot enough to kill the bacteria in the water that caused the weird stuff.
We told them to turn up the heat and it went away. (this also helps if your water has a funky smell)
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