Fiberglass Batting Insulation

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  1. Welshies

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    May 8, 2016
    Alberta, Canada
    So we bought some fiberglass batting to use in the coop. Our winters are very cold, -30°C to -40°C. This was the cheapest, most efficient way to go.
    We are painting the exterior wall with weather resistant paint, and the coop will be raised (on skids... 4" high). The floor is 3/4" plywood. All ventilation is closable and covered with 1/4" hardware cloth.
    The interior (second) wall used to conceal the fiberglass batting will be painted with weather proof white paint, and covered all the way up- And the roof insulation will be covered, too.
    What else can we do to further preserve it!?
  2. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Use a vapor barrier between the insulation and interior wall. About 6 mil plastic sheathing. Just like for a home. Goal is to make sure no moisture laden air from the coop gets to it so it does not get wet. It gets wet when moisture vapor manages to get into the wall, moves to the exterior and condenses as it nears the very cold exterior wall. So the heavy plastic is to keep the moisture out. You will know you have a problem if you notice the sills are wet when the weather warms up after a long period of below freezing temps. If not that, you should be OK.

    Also make sure you don't leave any holes in the interior wall that could allow mice to move in and out. They will setup shop in there if they can.

    Good luck!!

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