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    Jan 22, 2014
    Mandeville, La.
    We've had a very unusually frigid winter here in the New Orleans area. This last week alone we experienced the a 2 day ice storm (something unheard of here) and snow in some areas and the schools were closed for 3 days. But in true Louisiana fashion, yesterday was in the 70's and quite nice. Since my chicks are 4 weeks old now, it seemed like a grand time for an adventure (and what an adventure it was!)

    Everyone did wonderfully, except this one adventurous Americauna who decided to break away from the flock. When I realized she was separated, it was too late! Under the back porch she went! My wife and I managed to get her out, but not before she exploited a gap in the fence that I didn't know was there. She then made her way to my neighbors driveway and then up above the axle of a truck that was in the driveway. Yikes! Thankfully my neighbor is very goodhearted and was already quite excited about our having chickens. A brief rescue mission later, and this pesky little Americauna was in my arms and back with the rest of the flock. Can I breathe now? LOL

    A few pictures of them enjoying the warm sun before the weather decided to get muggy, gray and foggy again.





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    Awwwwww! I just love little chicks too! I've got a little monster here too, she's just to smart for her own good! [​IMG] Glad everyone is okay! Enjoy them!
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    Apr 11, 2010

    Nice little flock! Yes, those Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers, and others can be quite flighty. You may want to clip those wings! I always clip my EE's wings. There are sites on how this is done. Will see if I can find one.
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