Fife lake looper says "HI"


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
fife lake, mi.
Hi everyone! I know I haven't been on very much....we have been back in Michigan about 4 weeks now but with getting the 3 coops cleaned and rototilling gardens and planting seeds and bulbs...staining decks, etc (you all go through it every spring I know)...just have been too busy to chat.

We have made a decision to list our home on 20 acres for sale with Coldwell Banker Schmidt. We figure if it takes a year or is ok since we can still go back and forth from Fla. to Mi. I LOVE Michigan but winters are hard and DH will NOT stay here winters anymore. This fall I will sell my English Orps and Jersey Giants and I don't know if I will have chickens next spring or not. If and WHEN we move back to Florida I will be able to get back into chickens without disruption....a very good thing. I MISS incubating and will take the incubator and my two automatic chicken coop door openers with me whenever we move! Priorities.
Have a wonderful day....don't you just love spring?!
Hi Fife, was just thinking about you the other day!

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