Fighting brothers

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    Aug 30, 2016
    I have two Anatolian shepherd/Great Pyernees male dogs. I love them. They are so gentle and such good caretakers and protectors. Both are brothers from the same litter. They have always gotten a long great until recently. About a month ago they started fighting with each other viciously. Last night they fought for at least 20 minutes and both ended up bloody and hurt. I have never seen them fight when we are there, it seems like they have been fighting at night. I am very worried that one of them will kill the other. Or one of the grandchildren will be caught in the middle of them.

    Please has anyone had any experience like this? Any suggestions? Thinking about neutering them.

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    Also check out... in the lgd section.

    My guess would be a female in heat that they can smell causing hormones to go crazy.

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