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    May 22, 2010
    My chickens are picking each other feathers under the tails. Most of them are bald and the skin is red form picking. I think they are all doing it to each other. One was getting picked on more. It got really cold here so I brought her into the basement.( ours is warm) Her feathers grew back,but now I went to put her back into the coop and they all are attacking her pretty badly. I had to put her back in the crate. What can I do now? I bought some blinders for them but haven't used them yet.

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    What does their diet consist of?

    Once a bird is separated for a while they're a newbie and will get picked on.

    Feather picking is often a sign that the protein in the diet is too low.

    Picking around the vent, when it draws blood, often will continue till they kill the bird.
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    I have heard that picking is a sign that more protein is needed in the diet.

    I also know from experience that if you find a spot or wound that other chickens pick at, you can add Blue Kote to it and it not only is it an antiseptic for wounds, but it leaves a bad taste for the other chickens and they will leave the wound alone.
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    As of today, we have 4 that are seperated individually from the flock, due to injuries, they get a balanced diet, treats, outdoor time in their run (it's still cold here in maine), when my BF tried to put one back today (she's been out about 2 weeks due to NO egg laying ((we thought egg bound but she's still alive and warm bath didn't work)) they all fought one another. It must've been a zoo in the run and coop, to the point where he actually fell through a window and broke it. We also crush up their shells and put them back into their feed. he and I are both at wits end - to the point of getting rid of them! We have 15, ANY IDEAS that have not been listed before???? thanks~

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