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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by helmstead, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. helmstead

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Alfordsville, IN
    I finally shut down my cube fish tank tonight. Been a long time coming, altho it's sad to do so. I had 6 cichlid tanks running just two years ago, and have slowly shut them down one at a time. (moving, eventually...)

    My cube contained a 12" spotted pleco. I really don't want to sell him, so I just put him into my show tank.

    My show tank contains a 15" common pleco.

    They've been doing this thing ever since they discovered each other. On the bottom, they advance side by side, rubbing against each other, dorsal fins erect.

    Are they fighting or flirting? (sorry about the stickers on the tanks, my DD doesn't think a tank is pretty without Princess stickers!)



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  2. Aneesa's Muse

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    Honestly, they could be flirting (however, this is unlikely since they are different sub-species, at least!) ..or they could be warming up to a full blown battle! [​IMG] If you see them charging each other ..or trying to body slam one another... then they are likely having a spat.

    If your tank is large enough for them both ..and you have it furnished with plenty of driftwood and so on.. you may be able to let them work it out. If not, then prepare to re-home one ..either in another tank in your own home ..or elsewhere.

    I had to re-home my Hi-Fin (he looked very similar to your Spotted) because he was being a brat to my Cories.. the bigger he got, the more ornery he got [​IMG]

    I have an albino Chocolate now.. and he's the sweetest pleco I've ever encountered. I love my Dove! [​IMG]
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  3. helmstead

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Alfordsville, IN
    I've never had two in the same tank...

    I sold my albino chocolate 1 1/2 years ago at 8". He was neat...but too placid for cichlids. They just ate his fins. Gorgous thing though.

    The spotted is VERY high energy. Confirmed fish eater, too. He can't be kept with haps or tropicals...if it's slow moving he'll partake. Real eye candy though.
  4. PitterPaws

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    Nov 29, 2007
    They could be sizing each other up, to see if it is worth fighting or not, they seem very close in size so you might want to keep a close eye on them it might end up in a battle.
    I once many years ago had a common pleco that was so small when I got it and it ended up around 18" it was beautiful but out grew my tank, so I traded it to a pet store that had a huge tank for display only, I was so happy every time I went in I checked up on "My Pleco"
  5. luvmychicknkids

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Floresville, Texas
    I don't know, but my guess would be flirting....or more accurate, being friendly. Mine did that with his buddy the huge goldfish. The goldfish would actually sit on the bottom of the tank for the pleco to rub him. They were together for many, many years. He actually seemed to mourn him when he died. My pleco finally died about a year ago and I still miss him. [​IMG]

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