Figurita owl question?

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Ok so i just got some Figurita Owl Frill cross pigeons from a guy in Ohio. Im in Maine. They're 1 year old. I was wondering how long they have to be cooped up before i can fly them. I also have 1 Archangle pigeon that is 1 year old. How long before i can fly her. Ive had them all for about 2 weeks now. Thanks in Advance! -Dawson
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    Most ornamental pigeons are poor fliers with little homing instinct. Where these are mixed they may have different traits.

    I know for good homers you should raise at least 3 batches of young before you release the adult parent birds. Even then I have had pigeons return to their home loft.

    You may get by with a month in confinement if the birds are young or have poor homing instincts.

    What ever the consensus agrees on I would suggest you fly your birds hungry (no feed for 12 hours) and alone for the first few flights.
    If you have drop birds such as fantails I would employ them also.
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    I fly my figs and owls and they stayed around and flew like throwing ball. Hahaha
    They made great Lil droppers though cause they just puttered around close.
    They both with other owl breeds all attracted hawks a lot n lost one or two of each maybe. Settle them for a week to month until they had chance to calm and know you n sounds around etc. Like hokum said, I'd not feed day before, once got them responding to feed call and got on evening/night feeding schedule.
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    Oct 10, 2013
    Ok! Great ideas! Thank you!

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