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    You know all those negatives building up in your basement? The ones of your kids running around, of you and your husband getting married, of your grandparent's journey to America? What about those slides, the ones you used to dread to watch on the old projector, but you now enjoy?

    Did you know, all those negatives and slides are deteriorating?

    Each year, the chances of them being redeveloped into pictures reduces by a lot. You will soon lose all your memories due to decay, and the possibility of loss of ink.

    What are you going to do about it?

    You can back up all those slides, negatives, and memories by converting them to a digital copy.

    Wait, how can I do that?

    You send your pictures to us, and we will use a special machine to convert your slides and negatives into high-quality, digital works of art. You will no longer be at risk of losing all your files, and you will be able to email them to your friends, make slideshows on the computer, and print more as you want!

    This auction is for as many pictures or slides you can fit into the box we send you. The box is a small flat rate box. You could probably fit about 200 pictures, and we will convert them all! (Maximum 400sheets/slides)

    If you want, you can go to the post office and send us the box full of negatives; that would take off $5.00 of shipping.

    We will then convert, send the negatives and a cd with the pictures back, and put online.

    *Depending on the deterioration already on the negatives, it will determine the quality of the pictures.*

    We convert 35mm slides and negatives.

    For more info: Contact me at [email protected]
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