FINALLY !!!! - 12 Columbian Plymouth Rocks eggs - Large Fowl

Yard full o' rocks

10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Cartersville, Georgia
Up for auction are a dozen Columbian Plymouth Rock LF eggs. EXTREMELY rare in the US. Here is a picture of the current breeding rooster and a group shot of him with some of the girls. These are in NO WAY show quality and are not advertised as such. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to get them close to the SOP. However, they are decent in size and type and so far are regular layers of a large brown egg.

Eggs will be shipped on October 19, following the close of the auction (and allowing for me to get back from opening weekend of deer season

Paypal at the close of the auction to [email protected]

As with all shipped eggs, I cannot control the handling of them by the PO. I currently have 10 in the incubator here going strong and due 10/17. Please PM me with any questions you may have.

ETA - these birds came from a breeder in Ohio and a few birds I obtained in east Georgia. This was NOT a project to re-develop a Columbian Rock as I had originally planned.

Thanks for looking


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nice , i was just talking about how long it would be before someone decided to make it , and i think its good that you have done it since your other birds all are so nice , im sure before long you will have these guys looking great ... i would jump on these eggs if my incubators were not already full
Hello Scott
Great looking birds, I lost my splash hen from Halo and was waiting for you or her to post some and now you throw these at me. My incubator is full right now. Will you have more of these in a week or a mix of your rocks? Thanks Dennis
Hey Scott, they look great, are these out of our Ohio birds? I know you had some others, also. I've not yet have any to lay, still waiting. I have lost most of mine to what I'm now sure is Marek's. Going to start over in the spring with vaccine. May have to "lean" on you for eggs at that time. Great looking start for your birds.

These eggs will be out of the Ohio birds on the male side and the other group I have for the females. They have been laying now for about 2 months. My Ohio girls aren't laying yet but expect them to any day. Sorry to here you fought a bout with Mareks. I only lost one of the Ohio bred CRs and I think the summer heat/humidity is what got her.

The 3 males I kept are looking really good, one moreso than the others, but they are all gonna be big birds!!!

Let me know when you need eggs to get started again.....

I am going to outcross the best male to a white rock female this fall (hopefully) to start a new family line
Hey there Scot!
Beautiful, beautiful and did I forget to mention mention beautiful?

I need wait till I make a move and settle into my new/old home with lotsa space. I hope to get some of these lovelies to incubate! They sure are purdy!
I had to rehome all but 3 little ones to make life/transition easier. Now I miss the fresh eggs really bad.

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