Finally became a member!


Mar 25, 2018
Rural Ontario
Hello all

As the title says, I have finally become a member after having been a creepy lurker for what seems like forever! What prompted me to finally join? Kiki' thread on her balut duck eggs!! If I was a member it would return me to the last thread I read, as a creepy lurker I had to search each time. Not the most noble of reason but I am here now

I live in rural Ontario and have 17 hens and 5 rooster. I know I know that's a lot of roosters but they have 11 acres to free range on so they stay out of each other's business.

Currently my hens are all RIR or RIRxEuskal Oilioa, 1 rooster is Euskal and the other 4 are the same cross as the hens. I must say the cross' make a beautiful rooster, they have a lion mane.

I currently have 26 eggs in the bator so will be introducing some new folks to the flock shortly as well as some new breeds.

Nice to meet all you guys and I promise not to be a creepy lurker anymore

This is one of the cross'

This is the daddy, he is a pure Euskal

Welcome! I'd like to see pictures of the Lion's-mane rooster.

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