Finally caught the killer racoon

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  1. phaatnsassy

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Central Oregon Coast
    For several weeks now I have been trying to catch this pest. Let me go back to the beginning. I went to my coop and found Dolly in pieces. Head on one side and her body on the other side. I was devastated and shocked. Then a few days later I noticed Opal missing. Did not find a bit of her except feathers every where. So I started locking up the coop more securely. Made sure that the girls I had left were in and locked up tight every night. I set a live trap and waited, and waited. Well my neighbor suggested that I use peanut butter and dog food as bait. It worked. [​IMG]
    I plan to keep setting this for a few more nights and see if there are any more. I am glad to be rid of this pest. He was huge and mean. But of course I did not expect him to just sit in the cage all calm. lol
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  2. Coop Deville

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Well done. I would have disposed of him in a different manner, personally.
  3. chickengeorgeto

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    The next time you parole a coon take a pair of large scissors and either slit or bob the tip off of one ear. Then when you catch the new coon bandit you can be sure that you haven't seen that coon before.
  4. chickengeorgeto

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    Below find the rules of the state of Oregon for trapping, transporting, and then releasing raccoons.

    I have copied a portion of these rules for your convenience.

    Permit Required to Capture, Hold, Transport, or Relocate Wildlife
    (1) A Wildlife Control Operator Permit from the Department is required prior to capturing,
    holding, transporting or relocating such wildlife. A permit is not required to capture, humanely
    euthanize or release on-site nongame wildlife nonprotected or species taken under authority of the
    predatory animal statute (ORS 610.105).
    (2) A permit allows the permittee:
    (a) Capture, hold, transport, or relocate furbearers (except raccoons).
    (b) Capture, hold, transport, or relocate predatory animals, western gray squirrels, and
    nongame wildlife nonprotected.
    (c) Humanely euthanize or release on-site raccoons. A permit does not allow the permittee to relocate raccoons to other sites unless directed by the Department.
    (d) These activities must be in compliance with conditions specified by these rules, the permit,
    and authorized by the Department.
    (3) A permit does not authorize the permittee to intentionally capture, hold, transport or relocate:
    (a) Game mammals, game birds or nongame wildlife protected. Game mammals, game birds or
    nongame wildlife protected caught incidentally must be released on-site.
    (b) Species protected by other state or federal law. Species protected by other state or federal law
    caught incidentally must be released on site.
    EXCEPTION: western gray squirrels.

    Stat. Auth.: ORS Ch. 496.012, 496.138, 496.146, & 496.162
    Stats. Implemented: ORS Ch. 496.012, 496.138, 496.146, & 496.162

    I read these rules as saying that you can kill every raccoon that you can trap without a permit but the moment that you put Mr Raccoon in your car with the intent of releasing him elsewhere you have committed a crime.
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  5. gander007

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    X2 most defiantly this way at least the next person will know
    that this is a problem coon ...........
    I like to save them for a trip to town to release them ........
  6. chickengeorgeto

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    Now that is cruel.... to the people in town[​IMG]
  7. D'Angelo N Va.

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Anyone that catches and releases a raccoon has done themselves and everyone else an injustice.
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  8. Blue CopperHen

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    Jun 22, 2013
    Hiwasse, Arkansas
    In the past when I didn't know any better than to relocate, I used neon orange spray paint and painted its tail with a good blast. It served its purpose without torturing it.
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  9. gclark94560

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    I would NEVER release a raccoon!

    One has been trying to tunnel under my chicken tractor for several days. I added a skirt of 1/4X1/4 inch hardware cloth with some concrete blocks sitting on the edges.

    He tried to dig under this. So I set a Have-A-Heart trap and baited it with dry dog food.

    Today I shot him in the trap. I won't have to worry about that one for a while.

    Perhaps I'll reset the trap tonight and see if he had friends in the neighborhood.

    Cruel? How about my four hens getting shredded one night? That's cruel!
  10. gander007

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    You got to do what needs to be dune [​IMG]

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