FINALLY! Coop Construction Day 1!

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Ok, here is the coop we have all been waiting for, haha. Seriously though. My dad finally got off his butt and started the build. He works a little slower, but he isn't 20 anymore (who is? hehe) but, he works good, and he works for free - so beggars can't be choosers. He does nice work for 64 with a back and shoulder injury and a reconstructed ankle. [​IMG] Love my daddy!

    (Front View)

    (Side View)

    (Side view, next to my sunroom)

    Under that sunroom I will be putting part of the run. Here are the rocks under there:

    I am thinking these are too sharp and will need to be replaced. What would the best flooring be for them for UNDER a sunroom? I figure it would be nice for them to be abhle to get out of the harsh elements (I am in NY - near the city, but far enough to be the country, yay) and also allow me to add even more run square footage giving them plenty of room for roaming.

    Of course it is hard to tell with the coop - by dad shaved it from 8x8 to 8x7 so we had a bit of room on the side to get around the coop (like I care! Only thing that matters to me is my Chicken Coop, Chicken run and Dog run... but I digress. I am just so excited I thought I would share, even if it isn't exciting yet.
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    Oooh! That looks great, and I love using the area under the porch!

    I would probably put sand down there over the gravel, partly b/c they will prefer it and partly b/c it will make your life easier. You will have a hard time cleaning under there, after all. Be sure to make yourself some BIG access doors at several points along there (under the porch) so you can reach in there and rake out droppings. Otherwise it's gonna get pretty nasty. [​IMG] And it will be very hard to remove poop from gravel--much easier using sand.

    Can't wait to see it when it's finished!
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    Apr 25, 2011
    Makes me wish mine was much closer to my house. Hopefully you can keep the odors down. Looks like a great start. I'll be watching.
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    Quote:Good part about the sand is you wont need to take the rocks out first. Just put it on top. build it up to about six inches deep and the sand itself will help keep odors down.

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