Finally finished & the girls are in...


8 Years
May 15, 2011
Well the sun finally made an appearance, so snapped a shot of our finished coop - the 'girls' seem to approve and are roosting up high in the rafters - love the poultry netting and recommend it for critter control - doesn't seem to bother the chicks but keeps the raccoons and our terrier at bay.

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sweet!! Is that one of those electric net fences??
Chickens in the house, waiting for the coop to get done!
Coop progress:
buff orpington, 1 silver lace wyandotte, 1 cuckoo maran and 1 welsummer.

Hi - yes, it's the electric poultry netting - came in a kit with an energizer - you can get various lengths - we opted for the smallest 50 foot section but the energizer can handle hundreds of linear feet if needed. Puts out 6000 volts but milli-amps of current, so safe but gives quite a whack, at least to me - chickens are better protected by their feathers. Was a bit worried about the high voltage, so called the supplier and they assured us it's safe for chickens. They have since touched it and are fine. Definitely keeps our dog out and no problems with raccoons or coyotes so far. Kit cost $200 at Premier 1 Supplies: The other great thing is you can move it around as needed. If you order it, would recommend the DS Poultry Net Plus - this has the double spike posts that are at closer 6 foot intervals.

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