Finally Found Diatomaceous earth in my area!!!!


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
Today I went to the hardware store to get dry stall for small animals and the clerk told me they got more farm stuff added to their online catalog because backyard farming was making a huge comeback in Canada and several requests had gone out to the company to carry more stuff. He loaded his PC and I swear I hit the jackpot, just this June I went in and they didn't even have lightbulbs for horses. I can now get all the heated waterers and feeders for just about any animals and apart from feed any supplies I may need for the farm. I was quite happy.

Well he loaded the Dry stall and said he had a new product now available here, Red Lake DE. the last time I looked for this item it had to be shipped to me from Toronto for 50 dollars a bag plus shipping and handling. they are selling it for 19 dollars for a 20kg bag so I purchased 2. I made sure it was food grade before ordering it too.

I will be happy to have that not just for my chickens but for the rest of the critters I got in pens. Their bedding could use a good DE dusting :)

My question I just apply liberally to bedding and the run or is there a certain amount that needs to be added. I won't have the bags until tuesday, delivery day, I was just hoping someone would know the answer or give me examples on what they use their DE on.

thanks in advance :) Ema
I apply liberally to bedding and the run... I just make sure my girls are not in the coop when I do... and I wear a mask to keep the dust out of my lungs. There are several conversations on here regarding the safety of breathing in the dust... some say a little will hurt, some say it has to be a huge build up... so if I am sprinkling a little... I do it close to the ground and keep it away from my girls faces... if a lot, I take a few more precautions. I really don't worry about it too much... cause when the girls dust in it... they kick it all over the place.

I love the stuff... no coop should be without it.

Good luck.

thank you..I actually just found a whole whack load of post regarding DE on here. I should have looked before posting. Oops!!

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