Finally found Tylan 50 !


May 19, 2015
Harford Township, PA

I have not been able to find Tylan 50 injectable for SO LONG. I used to be able to just buy it at Tractor Supply. I just bought it online here (need a prescription in California). It is incredibly frustrating to not be able to purchase the best medicine for so many medical issues. Like I would take my chicken to the vet seven days in a row for shots - can you imagine the cost, from miles driven to office visit fees? Please... So glad I found it somewhere actually in stock! I had to share. They have Tylan 200, too - you just use 1/4 as much as Tylan 50. I give .5 cc to bantams and 1 cc to standard chickens. My last bottle expired three years ago and, as if this year, it is no longer working effectively. It has always been keep in cool, dark storage, and has outlasted its expiration date! Hope this is helpful to others.

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