Finally Getting Our Chicks!

Our Roost

9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
ScottsVille, michigan
Well, you are from the "show me state". Ha Ha! I can suggest a few things. Undoubtedly you will be spreading some bedding down for the chicks to bed in. Might I suggest you purchase a cheap tarp to put down first. Easier to remove messy used up bedding and discard the remains. Reuse the tarp intil the breeding process is complete. Secondly, after a few weeks they begin to hop and spread their wings so to speak! That means they will soon be hopping up on the edges of your brooding box and letting you know that the box isn't big enough any more! You will most likely need some kind of a see through cover over the top or you will be chasing chicks. Thirdly, make sure your heat lamps are well secured. God forbid, but many fires are started by the intense heat they can emit and if they come in contact with dry bedding, that can mean disaster. Last on the list is to make sure you handle them all for minimal periods of time so they get to know and trust you. Bonding brings about a lasting confidence to both the birds and yourself. Enjoy!

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