Finally going into hen house!!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by ali_moran, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Well, it took them almost a month, but tonight they finally went into their hen house on their own!! Yeah!!! Every night they have been very happy to settle in on their outside roosting pole, and I've had to go and put them in their hen house, but I finally thought maybe if I blocked this roosting pole they would go into their house...and they did!! Woohoo!!!!

    This is the pole they'd rather sleep on...tonight I blocked it with a box on top of it. [​IMG]


    Here is their nice and cozy hen house... I know it looks kinda sad with just the vinyl on the floor, but I've found it so easy to just scrape off the poo of the vinyl every day.


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