Finally going outside... took 'em long enough!

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    Oct 6, 2008
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    Finally... at 14 weeks of age, I am able to get them to leave the coop. They have been petrified of the snow. I decided to clean out their bedding (was doing the deep litter method) and tossed the older stuff into the run, just to cover the snow and let the stuff air out and decompose. I can't get to my wheelbarrow, nor can I drag the old bedding back to the compost pile until more of the snow melts anyway.

    Here was the first one to really brave being in the out of doors for any length of time. Our honking hen... I may call her Lucy (Goosey).

    Lucy decides she likes the outdoors and wonders where the heck everyone else is:

    Some of our boys checking out what's outside of the big people door.

    By the time it was getting dark, there were 5-6 of them in the run, and none of them wanted to go in!
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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Great pics.
    I guess because I started putting mine outside at a very young age (2 weeks) they are spoiled to it.
    Now the problem I have is the very loud complaints and ugly 'tudes I get when I have to keep them closed up for some reason.
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    Thanks. I would have loved to put mine out earlier, but it was freezing/bitter cold here in MI. They actually just got weaned off of the heat lamps.

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