Finally got coop and chickens YEAH!!


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Jun 26, 2009
I haven't been writing anything since I introduced myself several months ago. Been working on my off days with my dad building my chicken tractor and as I'm sure most of you can understand, the more we built the bigger the coop got. We started out with the idea of putting lawn mower tires on it and made it so big we had to put on regular 14 inch vehicle tires to move it around. But the best part, after all the strange looks we got hauling that monstrosity home with my wonderful hubby's trailer I went Tuesday and got my girls. 4 of the soon to be most pampered RIR hens in Georgia. They have been raised on the ground so they were totally perplexed as to what the ladder and box was for so I've been having to put them in the coop at night and then shew them out in the morning and they still don't have a clue what that long pole looking thing is yet, but I'm hoping they will discover that is a nifty place to take a snooze soon. I don't have pics yet, I'll get them posted next week. Just couldn't wait to tell everyone that I got my girls.
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isnt it just the best!!! im so happy you are now complete..............well, untill you 'think' you need more at least..hehe I am very happy with my 8, but danged if when someone talks about this breed or that breed, i figure i'd love to have *JUST* one more...

And...welcome to the happy world of HAVING chickens..hehe

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