FINALLY GOT EM! My ordeal with Ideal (Fuzzy Pix)


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Man-o-man I thought this day would never come!

My chicks shipped from Ideal on Tuesday. Expected them Thursday (California). Never Came.

Friday Morning..Nothing, called the post office "do you have my chicks"?
po- "yeah we got two orders of chicks sitting here, were you the one that called yesterday and left your phone number"?
me- "yeah that was me".
po- "I'm pretty sure they are yours, come on down and get em, oh wait a minute let me just go confirm but I'm pretty sure".
po- "sorry but they are not yours, do you know when they shipped"?
me- "yeah, tuesday
po- "well they should be here by now not sure what happened".

FRUSTRATED i continued to wait, about a split second away from going to the local feed store and grabbing some chicks from them and canceling my order with Ideal.

Friday Mid-day ..Nothing, Called the post office again. They are not there. I called Ideal, real nice lady confirms they shipped Tuesday and said they definitely should of been here by now. She set me up for a new shipment going out Monday. What the F

Well in an attempt to make the most of my day I go out to the hardware store and grab some supplies to make my watering system for the coop. On my way home I decide that i'm going to the Feed store to get some chicks and I'll cancel my re-shipment from Ideal in the morning. But right as I turn my truck around.......the wifey calls and needs me home so she can go run some crucial errand. Ok I'll go back out later. At home I'm start working in the garage and momentarily get my mind off the chicks (for the first time in two days!), That is when the phone rang..... It was the Post office, My chicks were here! It was past 3pm, crazy.

This is a mixed blessing since I know that the chicks have been in that box for tooooo loooong.

Walk in the post office to the sound of the PEEPS! MUSIC TO MY EARS. Open the box...darn peanuts, darn 2 DOA. Other than that all looks good!

At home I quickly check each chick and place them in the brooder. I set the box with the two completely smashed, picked-on, DOA off to the side and spend the next 1/2 hour introducing the chicks to the water and helping a few of them drink as two were near death and not doing so well. My daughter looks in the shipping box and asks me if they are dead and I Just tell her they are sleeping. I felt bad about lying and at some point the she will have to learn about death, but not yet. Tomorrow she will never know that the two are missing.

Wait a second.....

Apparently I wasn't lying! I see one of the "dead" chicks gasp for air. Then nothing. Then the other chick gasps, then nothing. These chicks were on their side smushed, pick-on and dead for all intensive purposes. I put some water on there beak and nothing, put them under the light and nothing, no movement, no breathing, no nothing. It was too late. I mean they didn't move an inch during the 20-30 minutes I was tending to the other chicks. NOTHING

I grab the two lifeless chicks and headed outside to bury them (didn't know where to put them and the trash just seamed wrong). As I bend down with my trowel to dig a small hole one of the chicks twitches in my hand. Already feeling bad I decide I can't bury them yet. I put them back in the boxed that they were shipped and put a heat lamp on them. Took a dropper and tried to give them water. Still nothing.

After many trips to the garage and after multiple attempts with the dropper one of the chicks started to respond. Each time I went out there he would move a little bit more. Still not able to sit up and still kind of looking dead though. Finally I peeked in and caught this little guy sitting up! Still not sure if he is gonna make it but his chances are better now than ever! sadly the other chick died.

Sorry for the long post but it's been a roller coaster of a day. Here are few pics of the peeps I snapped off.






The last pick is what the peanuts look like any idea on what breed????

ps. I don't blame ideal for anything. All in all they were great and they are friendly people. My delay was with the post office but it is kind of annoying that we can't track our shipments though..
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Sorry about the little guy that didn't make it, but it sounds like your effort should be commended.

Thanks for the picks...they are crazy cute

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Thanks for sharing pics of your wonderful children!
Mine will arrive next week. I'm like a little kids on Christmas eve night!


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Very Cute! Glad you finally got them. That does suck that they can't be tracked and had such an ordeal through the postal service.

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