Finally got my first pair of true Japanese Greens!!!!!

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    It has taken almost three years, but I got my first pair of phasianus versicolor (Japanese Greens). When I first started looking almost three years ago I had no idea that so few people raised versicolor now. It was even more amazing how many people thought they had versicolor when in fact they had a pheasant that was a mix between any number of sub-species of phasianus. Many thought that the melanistic mutant were greens. There is a lot of confusion about what a Japanese Green is. I say this because it has duped a bunch of folks into buying birds that are not what they are claimed to be.
    True Versicolor are very rare in North America. They are a beautiful bird, a little smaller than the mixed up ringnecks which are raised in the U.S and Canada. They are very flighty and have a very wild "nature." My male has spent the last two weeks living in the house attached to his pen. It is just in the last couple of days that he will come out at all when he sees me. The hen has lost a little of her fear of me, but still makes a run for the house when I open the door to feed or service their pen. I have a second rooster coming in next week for my other versicolor hen which is a Northern Japanese Green. I hope to eventually get pure pairs of the Pacific Green and the Southern Green If any of you know folks who raise those sub-species of the Green send me a message please! If any of you are interested in raising these beautiful birds, send me a line and I will give you the information on those whom I have found who have "real" greens. I'll warn you they aren't cheap! But most of all before you go out buy some birds someone has called "versicolor or green" pheasants, get informed! READ THE INFORMATION that is available on good avicultural sites and look at real photographs of these birds! Below are a few sites that give you the basic info on these beautiful birds: (basic info and a couple of good picts) (basic info and so-so pictures) (many pictures of the Northern Green P. versicolor robustipes) (many pictures of the Southern Green P.versicolor versicolor)
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    Those southern ones are one beautiful bird.

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