Finally got pics of my bantam chicks from Ideal


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I got the bantam special from Ideal on May 11 and then again on May 18, got too many so the last three pics of the chicks I think are roos so if anyone in northern California wants them, they're free..some of the others I'm selling in the buy n sell section.



Golden sebright, I hope it's a hen!


looking at the camera


this one too, I think it's a porcelain OE



The one with a black dot on it's head is probably a japanese, hoping for a girl


one of my fav's a porcelain d'Uccle


I can't get a good picture of the golden laced Cochin for some reason, she is the cutest chick I've seen,
she closes one eye and opens and closes it when I pick her up lol, will have to try again for a pic another time..
she is the dark one at the drinking fountain in this pic


The possible roos..(based on comb development and size:)

Lavender OE- my dog was rather curious with this one


Black Modern (I think)


BTB Japanese (I think)

In your top picture, bottom right, yellow with black stripe....what is that? I got one of these from the pullet bin at Atwood's and I know they use Ideal. It's the only one of mine I can't figure out. Thanks!
I'm wondering the same thing! At first I was certain it is an EE, but it has a single comb, since EE's are mixes anyway I'm guessing it's an EE with a single comb?
I'll post pictures as it grows and hopefully that'll clear things up. This is the fun of getting Ideal's assortments though.
I was told by someone else on here Dark Cornish but the pictures still didn't match exactly so the verdict is still out in my admittedly uneducated opinion.
hmm I wish it were a dark cornish, but one of my chipmunk chicks have a better chance of being a dark cornish although those also have single combs and cornishes have pea combs. Does your chick have a pea comb too?
Well I went and had a look and I do believe it is a pea comb. I hadn't noticed that before mainly because it's about the most standoffish of all of them and I never get to pick it up and give it a close inspection.

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