Finally got pics of the new babies!

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    I ordered Wyandottes quite some time ago, and then last week (on May 5th) they finally came! I was so excited! I rushed them home, got them warm, then dug out the fabric backgrounds for pictures... Oh the horror! My camera was missing! I couldn't find it anywhere! I looked high and low, digging all the stuff out of my closet and under my bed (thinking the cats might have played with it)... Nowhere to be found. The chicks were loosing their fluff, and FAST! I just gave up. And as soon as I did, my brother came out of my room with it saying, "Look what I found! It was in you DS case!" So, I whipped it out and took a pile of pics, and boy, do I want to know how you people get such good pics of your babies! The hens? They're easy! Babies? Oh boy!

    There are 10 GLW, 9 SLW (originally 10), and 4 EE's. The Wyandottes are from Mt Healthy and are 1 1/2 weeks old, and the EE's are from GordonHillFarm and are 3 1/2 weeks old!

    Anyway, here are a few cute ones!

    What's that, Mom?
    The most adorable stink-eye!
    Young love!
    Snuggle up!
    Leave me alone! I am a teenager and proud of it!
    Do we have to do this?
    Is this REALLY necessary?
    Since you're going to continue, we're taking a nap!

    I haven't named all of the Wyandottes (there are too many to keep track of), but a few names are Roxy, Willow, Wesley, Timon, Pumba (my little bro named a few), Frankie, and Hazel, just to name a few. I was going to try a theme on them, but then nobody wanted any of the ones that I chose, so, we ended up ditching the theme.

    But, I got my way on the EE's! I decided on spices! Sage, Basil, Rosemary, and Paprika, are the ones I chose!

    What do you think?

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    Cute babies!

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