Finally Got the Feeding Situation Figured Out!

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    Jan 25, 2014
    No compromises - I wanted both a starter and feed that was soy & corn free as well as USDA organic. I looked into making my own. I knew there was a mill near me that had the right feed, but no starter. But now they just started making soy/corn-free organic starter, too!! So I can now get both of them, through my local co-op (Azure Standard) for WAY cheaper than if I mixed it all up myself. I'm so happy!! I love DIY and making things myself but this is such a relief.

    It's this, in case anyone else is interested: . How long do you guys think this would keep if I ordered ahead of time and froze it in our chest freezers? I'm not sure if we will be able to get the chicks this spring or not. I'm interested in some hard-to-get breeds, unfortunately, that seem to be sold out. Plus a few other things that may push it out till spring of 2015.

    Anyway, I'm anti-GMO and try to avoid even organic soy as much as possible due to estrogenic concerns - they put it in enough things that I don't need to be receiving extra hormones from the eggs I consume. Just my personal preference and thought I'd share in case anyone else wasn't aware of this mill yet or that they've started offering their products through Azure Standard. I also noticed there is a 10% off sale on the feed there right now! (Yet another reason I'd like to freeze some if that'd be feasible, long-term.)
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