Finally!!! Here is my coop and I'm excited!!! PIC HEAVY

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    Well we finally have the coop and runs finished and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Using this message board really helped my husband and I a ton. The coop in the photo measures 8X10. Keep in mind that to the left of the run there will eventually be another smaller coop; that is our next step. Nearly 100% of the materials here were salvaged from an old 1800s barn which we torn down this past spring. We saved the post and beam large pieces for our house which we’ll be building soon. Having these barn materials saved us a ton of money. We did purchase the 4X4 post for the run and coop and set them 3’ deep. The run is chicken wire buried 12” deep all around including the top. The back half of the run is a metal roof which was left over from a pole barn. The coop has hardware cloth at all openings, vents and eaves.
    The first three photos here are the outside of the coop, run and storage shed. The storage shed was preexisting here as my garden shed. We decided to build the run and coop off of it so that it would blend into the back lawn nicely. The storage shed is nice having so close since we can store the feed barrels and all the chicken accessories in it. Due to salvaging and using old materials we saved a ton of money. And having a handy husband was a giant help also.
    These windows were found at a yard sale for free, they were actually off of a single window top and bottom but we took them apart from the frame and hinged them to the coop. This has been working great to open the coop during the days to get a nice breeze thru the coop and to keep it aired out. We’ve been closing them at night since the roost the girls seem to use the most is directly beneath it and I don’t want the breeze directly on them.
    Under the eaves we tacked up hardware cloth so that it still is decent ventilation but predators can’t get in. The hardware cloth is actually under the siding and the gingerbread trim pieces so that it’s nearly impossible for anything to pry up.
    Inside the coop we used natural branches for the roost. We buffed the tops of the branches with sandpaper to get any rough bark areas off.
    Here you can see the vents at the top on the east side of the coop… these vents came from a habitat for humanity store for 50 cents. The long window to the right also came from the habitat for humanity store for $10. The floor in the coop is vinyl flooring with wood shavings and a tiny bit of stall dry mixed into it.
    This side of the coop has more roost and the back wall has rooster art, I figure the girls may want to check out some hot rooster art. Under the photos is where the nest boxes will go. We are going to cut the nest boxes into the wall so that when I gather eggs I can enter thru the storage shed to get them and they’ll be well insulated since not on an exterior wall.
    This is the main door to the coop and also from the habitat for humanity store; can you tell we love that place?! To the right of the door you’ll see all the names and breeds of the chickens we have… that was my daughters touch to the coop.
    This photo shows the windows and vents a little better on the east side of the coop.
    You’ll see the run here and notice it has two entrance doors.. one enters a larger section of the run and the other is for the other side. They can be opened up as one run or we can keep them as two runs depending on the need. The next coop will attach to the small side of the run. Currently we have our 8 week old girls in the large side since they are outside 100% of the time and come and go from the coop/run. Our 4 week old girls are using the small side of the run and we are still bringing them in the house at night.
    In each side of the run there is a large sandstone foundation stone that the girls seem to really enjoy getting up on. There is also a 3’X4’ dust box in each section filled with sand and top soil.. this is under the metal roof so that it’ll stay dry.
    Here you can see the divider chicken door connecting the two runs. This is hinged and flips up and hooks so that we can leave it open completely eventually if needed so that the girls can have full access to both sides.
    You can see the troughs here that we are using to give the girls treats… above each trough is a bell that we ring every time we put treats in. They know exactly what the bells means now so the hopes are that when they begin free ranging we’ll be able to round them up easier if needed.
    Each section of run also has a ladder roost that is screwed in place. They seem to enjoy these a lot also. These were hayloft ladders out of the old barn we tore down.

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    [​IMG] Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Love the idea of the bell above the treat trough. I may have to try that!
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    Oh man, I would have so many chickens if I had that coop. Congratulations!
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    Beautiful! Looks well-made and I love all the light you get on the interior with the windows! The "hot rooster art" is just too funny:lau It makes me wish I'd thought of it.

    I'll have to try the bell idea too! I've trained my family that way when dessert's ready, after all [​IMG]

    Run's really nice as well. I'd definitely fudge the chicken math, with all that space.
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    It looks very nice! Love the interior! [​IMG]
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    Nice job on coop and run! Also of documenting it!

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    That's wonderful!! Ya'll be a fantastic job!! [​IMG]

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    What lucky chickens!
  10. Quote:I love the bell idea too. We did the bell idea with our 6 week old puppy. Whenever she was taken out to potty, we made her ring the bell with her paw. It only took a couple days and now after 3 1/2 years she still rings the bell whenever she has to go out. Do you suppose you could teach the chicks to ring the bell for treats. Wouldn't that be annoying! Maybe I will just ring it like you to signal treats. Great job on the coop and run. I have some of the same features in my coop. Tell your daughter I like the idea of the names and breeds on the wall. It would be fun to keep it going for years to come. Fun to look back and see the history of your coop. I may try that too and add hatch dates as well.

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