FINALLY! I got Megan where I can take care of her. (long, pics)

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    Jan 9, 2008
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    YYesterday I got my mare loaded up and moved to the new place. I found a place to keep her about 5 minutes from my house. Now I can start taking care of her, fattewning her up and starting ALL OVER AGAIN to get her to trust me.
    2 weeks ago on my days off, one of the girls at the stable really likes her. She was convinced that since she was still at the stable for so long, that I had defaulted on my payments and lost her. she got one of the office people to check the books (big no-no) to see when I would have her paid off. When she saw I hadn't made a payment in over a month, she thought she was home free. What she didn't know was my deal with the boss. Anyhow, brought her in out of the pasture on my days off and rode her several times. She changed her bit and Megan had cuts on her mouth becasue this girl doesn't know how to ride except with the reins tight and the horses head straight up in the air. I don't know what else happened during those three days, but she is back to running circles around me instead of coming up and it takes forever to catch her. Then she told the boss the horse was horrible and totally unsuitable and that she knew someone who would buy her (she wants her for herself)
    At least they fed her this time. 2 weeks ago, I had brought her over to the stable(was keeping her in the "spare horse" pasture) and was working her so we could try her out with the wedding carriage. On my days off, she didn't get fed. I told the girls to put her in a smaller pen with a acertain horse (who eats in that pen anyway) becasue she gets skittish around the other horses and won't eat, but that particular horse is her buddy. The girl that wanted to get her is the one in charge and since at that time, she thought the horse was mine, she refused to give her any "special treatment". When I got back on Friday, Megan had lost about 50 lbs. I was (and still am) totally ticked!
    my poor skinny baby! can't see any ribs, but she has lost her butt!
    Meeting the new neighbors
    she is in a seperate, smaller pasture for a few days before we turn her out in the big one with the other horses
    Who are you?
    I'll get more pics when she gains some weight
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    Man, what is it lately with horrible barn owners/managers/workers?!?! I'm having horrible issues at the barn where I board my mare and I need her out of there asap! Too much "bad" has already happened and I can't take it anymore!

    I'm glad that you were able to move your mare. It's nice to have a fresh start and I hope all works out well for you both. Keep us updated with her progress. Good luck.
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    Jan 18, 2007
    Someone who WORKS AT THE BARN reined her hard enough to cause cuts to her mouth? Why is the idiot still working there? Good golly! Does she have any clue of the psychological damage that can do to a horse? [​IMG] People like that shouldn't be allowed near a horse!
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    May 23, 2008
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    That's terrible! We had to board our guy out for a while, when he was first moved out west, and the woman starved him, and when we finally took him out, he was completely FILLED to the brim, with worms, if he'd stayed any longer he for sure would have died. The woman was using our food money, to buy food for HER personal horses. He lost like 100lbs, and was a total bonerack (he's a draft cross).
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    Jan 9, 2008
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    Quote:Sorry if this is long, I'm ranting:

    I work at a trail riding stable. Megan was a recent acquisition. We got her in a package deal with another horse that is a wonderful kiddie horse. Megan on the other hand is full of fire and not suitable for the mostly beginner riders we get. So I eventually talked the boss into selling her to me. One of the other trail guides saw her a couple days later(she's off weekends) and decided she wanted her, at least to ride as her guide horse. The boss had already assigned her to me. She got mad and waited till my day off to ride her and then she had the shoer do her feet and she is scared of men, so she reared and he put her in the stocks and she hurt her withers before they got the restraints snug. That's when I convinced him to sell her. Then after several weeks, Megan was still in the "spare" pasture, she got someone to look at the books and saw I only paid $130.00 for her and hadn't made any other payments for over a month. Not knowing (or asking) she had no clue that I made a deal with the boss for her price (website design) and boarding. She thought I had defaulted and the horse was back in the string. SO she again waited for my day off and brought her back over. This girl (girl?32!) cannot ride without a tight rein, no matter what she rides and she switched from the 3 piece snaffle with copper rollers that I had on her to a Pelham (which she has NO CLUE how to use) and it tore up the corners of her mouth. She cannot stand it if a horse tosses it's head or side steps a little. I am constantly getting on her about short reins. She likes to ride with the horses head up and back and that is great in the show ring with TN Walkers, but has NO place out on the trails. SHe is going to get someone horse AND human badly hurt someday because she ties the customers reins short to the saddle so the horses can't get their heads down to try and eat on the trail. Why? Because if she has to keep telling people to pull the horses head up or they get scared when the horse starts eating, it reduces her chances of getting tips if she has to yell at people. Also a lot less work, she doesn't have to really keep an eye on them cuz the horses can't get their heads down. Of course, if the horse happens to stumble going down a steep hill....
    She also wanted to show the boss that the horse was no good for the stable cuz she wanted her. She told all the other guides the horse was mean and spooky and dangerous. Megan will weave and prance while you brush her until you get the saddle on her. Once it is on her back, she stands like a statue.
    I threw an absolute fit and told her in no uncertain terms to keep her hands and her ass off my horse. I told the boss and he told her not to touch her. I told him forget the deal about boarding her there because on my days off she never got fed and I didn't trust her not to do something else to her. SO now I have her in another place, where nobody else can mess with her, and hopefully I will be able to spend more time with her.
    The boss is not out in the yard as much as he used to be and he doesn't really notice or see these things. Every so often he notices but he is 72 and I'm pretty sure he's got Alzheimers. He forgets things or overlooks them. When we tell him about it, he blows it off as jealously or females sniping at each other. This girl and the stuff she does is the main reason that I am not too unhappy about spending more time right now getting the wedding chapel up and running instead of being at the stables. It will all come to a head soon and I just hope no one gets hurt.
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    Apr 30, 2008
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    i think i'd ask her if she'd like to see your wolf. lol that might get her attention. The nerve of some people i can't believe she wouldn't feed her , what a grump.
    Good luck with the new stable i'm so glad you got your megan out of there.

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