Finally! It's my turn to share pics


9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Well, this afternoon when I got home, this is what I found!
I check the coops everyday, seems like I'm out there all the time, but I must have missed these as five were in the dark corner by the door under the nice nestbox and one was in the diagonal corner under the poopboard. Could I have six birds laying, having all started at once today? Nah, I expect they've been there a few days. There are 2 Black Australorps, 2 RIR and 2 Red sex links, all over 22 weeks old, so maybe they did all start together. I did wash these as they were a bit yucky, but I am going to check them for fertility and then eat them for supper. I'll share with my parrots, they love scrambled egg. And, I've never heard egg song from anyone but my Serama hen. I'll be following them around from now on, trying to catch them in the act. Anyway, I'm in the egg club now, woo hoo!!
Stranger things have happened. My 28 YO daughter swears she collected all the eggs on Saturday and didn't see any when putting up the birds that night. On Sunday I collected 16 eggs. Problem is we only have 12 hens. IMO...someone either can't count or missed something. I've been waiting to get my perfect dozen (12 eggs from 12 hens in the same day). Then this happens. LOL!!
Just as an update on these eggs...I opened 3 of them, the largest was a double yolker, but only one yolk was showing the bullseye! The other two were also fertile, so guess the roo is doing his job. And, to top this day off...two of my Serama eggs in the bator are pipped. Oh, the excitement never ends in Chicken lala land.

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