Finally sitting (plus nest pics)


8 Years
Oct 25, 2011
WA Coast
I posted a few days back that my ducks were sitting part time. This morning, one of our black swedish ducks stayed on the nest and hissed at me (well, not really a hiss, more like a mime suggesting a hiss). ;)

There are two nests in the enclosure. The other is still being tended part time by our buff.

We have 14 eggs in the incubator due in about two weeks. If both of these ducks manage to hatch out a substantial portion of the 40 or so eggs in the two nests, I am going to be buried in ducklings.

The nest that the black swedish is now sitting:

The nest that the buff is sitting only at night:

Any ducklings will be at least half swedish, as the drakes are a blue and a black. So, we should get some more blues and blacks, but also crosses with buff and hybrid layers.

It will be fun to see what we get (if anything).

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