Finaly got my girls

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  1. Zondervan

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    May 23, 2011
    Hi all we have finaly got our girls, 2 lovely ex batts with most of their feathers in place, this last 4 days has been a treat, they were really shy when we got them they looked a bit shell shocked ( no pun intended ), but what a difference now, we have of course invested loads of time in helping them settle in, on the first evening they found their food and water supply and have just blossomed since. I can only say they have charmed all of us completley, even our dog Maisey has fallen in love, what a lovely addition they will make to our family. As I write this post Gloria the dominant one is scratching and digging about in the coop while Helga is settled in the upper doorway of the nest area watching her.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. N&MSchroeder

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    Feb 4, 2011
    SE Idaho
    Ahh, thanks for sharing this! Be sure to post pictures and [​IMG]
  3. 3goodeggs

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    May 22, 2009
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    Yes, welcome to BYC! I am glad you are delighted with the hens. Imagine how they are feeling! freedom and joy and all the things they never had. yep. all good stuff!

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