finding eggs in the woods

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    Jun 2, 2010
    we have just found some eggs. Our dog retrieved one, pick it up, and brought it to my son without cracking it. Then my son sent him back in to find more and they found a nest of about 6. A little later they found another lone egg.

    So my question is:

    1. are these any good? My guess is probably not. We threw away the first one the dog brought out. but when we found the nest of 6 we were thinking they might be fertilized. But with the weather changing so much (we're in Hudson, NH) we're thinking they probably won't hatch.

    2. So do we just toss these eggs? I don't think the chicks are going over there to try and hatch them. I think they've been left alone. Not sure though, we free range them so they may be over there we just haven't seen them. We're home all day but again, we are not out with them all day. My son says he's seen one of them over there. I think the RI red.

    3. Do we need to worry about our chicks laying in the woods instead of the coop?

    We've noticed the egg production is down.
    We have 6 full grown layers. And we've been waiting for our spring chicks to start laying. A few of them have but now we know what happended to the others.

    These are our 6 spring chicks:
    We have 1 very aggressive rooster (that's for another post)-he's been mating with all the chickens that will let him.
    2 golden comets
    3 rhode island reds

    We were given 6 adult or full grown at least a year or older:
    2 barred rocks
    1 golden red
    2 buff orpington
    1 americauna (or auricauna-not sure the correct name for this, I've heard both used for her)-she's been molting so she hasn't been laying for months.

    thanks for any opinions or ideas on these eggs.
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    Jun 2, 2010
    Thanks for the quick response.

    They all sank in the water. [​IMG]

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