Fine pine shavings okay?

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  1. We've got 4 new chicks (2 two week olds and 2 one week olds). We couldn't get our usual shavings for their box but the bag the farm supply gave us, saying chicks love it, is quite fine. We put it in and see that the chicks are happy doing a dust bath, but they also seem to be eating it! Is this okay? I'm wondering if they are confusing it with the feed that is naturally on the ground outside the feeder.

    We're thinking maybe we should take it out and put in some of the courser shavings. Feedback?
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  2. Ms Clucky

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    Jan 22, 2019
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    Not really. It will get stuck in their throat. When they are that young, I put layers of paper towels down in their brooder, then layers of their feed so that will be the only thing they eat.
  3. Kale Chips

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    My instinct would be to switch it out right away. Chicks eat pine shavings here and there but I would be a bit concerned if they were consuming it in large quantities. I have also heard that it isn't so great and can cause respiratory issues due to the fine powdery dust, but I don't really have experience in using the fine chips.
  4. Ms Clucky

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    Go to Rural King and get the pine shavings for horses. Its not as fine. Bigger shavings so they won't eat them as much. I would watch them though cause they will try.
  5. crazy4ChickensNducks

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    The chicks are just curious, if they keep eating it, you might want to switch it out for a bigger flake. I use the fine stuff and the chicks eat it at first out of curiosity but they will stop
  6. Abriana

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    I used pine shavings with all my chicks. I never had a problem with them eating it. You can buy the large flakes which would be harder for them to consume. You can also use something like a cabinet liner, which has a lot of traction. Don't ever use just plain cardboard, it's too slippery and their muscles aren't yet well-developed and they will get a condition called spraddle leg. And make sure it is pine, and not ceder, which isn't good for them. Good luck to you and your new babies!
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    I would switch to larger flake (which you can often find at pet stores). I personally don't like the fine flake shavings as chickens seem more prone to eating them, plus they seem a bit dustier.
  8. Missbc

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    I had an impossible time finding the larger flake. But since I had a huge bag of pine shavings, I bit the bullet and put it in their brooder. I was going through puppy pads like water.

    They ate it for part of a day and then realized it wasn’t food. I put chick grit in their brooder at the same time.
  9. Thank you all for your advice! We decided to switch it out for the larger pine shavings we use in our coop for the other chickens. They all had a chance to get a dust bath before we changed it so now they -- and we -- are all happy!

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