Fingers Crossed and Asking For Faith!

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by vfem, Sep 7, 2010.

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    My husband had another job interview today! He's had a couple other one's... nothing special... way less then we can afford to live off of mostly. Today he said was a decent job, and he talked with the guy for 2 hours (it was supposed to be 30 minutes). They left 6 other people waiting to go after him....

    It sounded like a great company, and it was plenty of money to live off of and maybe even start getting caught up. [​IMG]

    He's done minor contract work with the business I set him up as... but its been slow, and several people have not paid us, and we've billed and billed... and have lost over $3000 in unpaid jobs to date. This was from his lay off in January (he was also laid off in 2008, and was lucky enough to find some work to get him through until this second lay off).

    So I want the power of Karma, or Faith.... or whatever you call it to help us send some good vibes that my husband gets the position! [​IMG]
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    I'm vibrating here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope it helps [​IMG]

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    Have faith...the power of prayer is awesome!!! Prayers being said!!!
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    I'm praying for you all and I'm sure that others are that are writing that they are. "Dear Lord please help this family with their needs for employment and income and open doors for them that only you can open. In Jesus Name who died for my sins so I may have eternal life, I pray"

    Have Faith, God has a plan for your life!....Nancy"
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    Heavenly Father, I lift up to you in prayer, vfem and her husband, that you continue to guide and provide for their needs. Let your Love shine brightly in their lives so that wealth and success shall follow. In these tough economic times, I pray that you reach out your hand to them as you would to someone who was in dire need of a life vest, and gentle place them on the raft. Guide them out of their debts, supply them with enough finanical wealth to take care of their needs, and also enough fruit from the harvest to share with others that are also having a difficult time. Let them reap abundantly the rewards of your kingdom. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
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    Still sitting on pins and needles here.... but you guys are the best! [​IMG]
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