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  1. I just recieved a phone call from my husband's old job, Good Year Gemini, from several years ago. The owner is asking to talk to him on Monday. My husband bumped into the owner a few weeks ago and he was saying that he misses his best mechanic. Im asking for ALOT of [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] that hubby gets his job back over there! Not only is it good pay but also THE ONLY JOB hubby ever had that he actually ENJOYED! Lets hope this Monday it's an INTERVIEW!
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    I'm SO hoping this works out for you two! Wouldn't that be a fantastic Christmas gift!!!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Praying for him
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] looks promising!
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    I really hope it works out, [​IMG] !
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    what happened to the out of state one?
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    [​IMG] and prayers said!
  8. Quote:Not out of state. It was for him to go down South Florida, Orlando or Miami, I think. He called the boss lady up and nope, they didn't need him so he is at Able Body's today, a daily paid temp service. They are paying him more then the last time he was working there plus extra for carpooling (driver gets paid more for carpooling). Better then nothing at all. Used to bring home $50 a day from there, now that they raised the pay up (I dont know by how much though), should be a good thing.

    The job at Good Year Gemini used to pay him $10 an hour. When they last spoke, the wage the owner was talking about giving him is $15, which is MORE then he has ever made at any other jobs. The only reason why he lost his job at Good Year was because his cousin blew the engine in our Ford Escort leaving us with no transportation for hubby to get to work. The owner wanted to re-hire him years ago but been having conflicts, since one of the manager (with hiring rights) have hired someone else before the owner could re-hire hubby and when the owner finally gets an opening, hubby has a stable job already. It been complicated. Hopefully now it's going to work out!
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    I will pray that it works out for you.
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    Prayers said.

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