Fingers crossed that TSC will have some chicks today!!

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    My local TSC (Mt. Vernon, OH) is supposed to be getting some more assorted pullets in sometime this week. They weren't here Monday or yesterday... and I need to call and see if they're going to be here today. [​IMG]

    If they do have some, and if they have some barred rocks among them and possibly some RIR's, I'll be getting six more chicks. And if I get six more chicks, I'm going to be keeping only 9 of them or so and selling the rest for $1.50 apiece. [​IMG]

    In other news, the coop is about done! I'll have to post some pictures of it when it gets set up outside. It turned out really well, but now that the walls are up, etc. it makes me all the more sure I shouldn't have more than 9 chickens. Which is fine, because I only intended to have 6 to start with. [​IMG]

    So anyway... fingers crossed for TSC having the chicks today! Of course, if I can't get any from them I'm going to order some barred rocks through the mail, but I'd much rather get them at TSC.

    Oh, and does anyone know how to change a custom title? I bought the golden feather membership and that's supposed to be something that comes with it, but for the life of me I can't find where to edit that, lol!
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