"Finish It Yourself" Queen/King Quilt/ N. Ga. (SOLD!)

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    It's already handpieced, basted and partially handquilted, but someone needs to complete and bind it. The size fits a queen size bed with good overhang, but could possibly top a king as well.

    This one is designed in slightly more masculine tones, fitting for a man's tastes, rather than the more feminine and/or country types I have made in the past. It's handpieced in colors of gray, blue, silver and black and ready for your talents, great for those of you who really prefer quilting to piecing. It hasn't been worked on in quite some time, but most of the quilt markings are still there and also, the strips that you sew on to use an old fashioned quilt frame. It's basted and I have done about 10-15% of the quilting on it, so I am selling it unfinished. Just hate to have it sit in the box for another decade!

    Would make an excellent Christmas gift for someone and you could say you worked on it with your own hands, which makes it special for the giftee.You still have plenty of time to finish it, considering the current stage of completion

    Quilt measures approximately 83" x 105", is from all-new 100% cotton fabric. I started with the center, the 3D attic windows block set, then designed each border as I went along. In the windows, it has starry sky fabric. It nicely fits a queen with good overhang and even could be a king coverlet. If finished, this quilt would sell for about $325-350

    I will include the templates for re-marking the borders in the price.
    Postal Money Order Only, Please! Will ship when pymt is received.
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    Does is arrive wrapped around a dozen eggs??? Hhhmmmmm???
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    Hmm, maybe I could be talked into that .... [​IMG] Might even throw in the sweatshirt if no one buys it by the time the auction is over.

    (seriously, if you do want the quilt and bid on it, I'll be happy to package up some eggs for you [​IMG] It's the least I could do )
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