Finished our ADDITION!!

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  1. cherylcohen

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    Sep 18, 2009
    SF East Bay CA
    After reading all the posts about coop size I wsa concerned that the sleeping quarters, hen house of 3' x 4' was not enough for our 10 chickens so we did an addition of 3' x 8' . So our total size of the coop is
    hen house = 3' x 11'
    covered run = 4' x 7'
    Netted run = 16' x 7'

    sure hope that enough!! [​IMG] We just added a new Welsummer and Gold-laced wyandotte to our flock last we have one of each!

    Wheaten Ameraucana
    Buff orpington
    Gold-lace Wyandotte
    Blue Wyandotte
    Columbian Wyandotte
    Rhode island red
    Cuckoo maran
    Speckled Sussex





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  2. kcardella

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    May 29, 2009
    Leslie, AR
    It looks great! They should have plenty of room now!
  3. LynneP

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    Looks like your girls are set, and what a bouquet of hens! [​IMG]
  4. Acre of Blessings

    Acre of Blessings Canning/Sewing Addict

    Apr 3, 2008
    Axton, VA
    Very Nice!!! [​IMG]
  5. cherylcohen

    cherylcohen The Omelet Ranch

    Sep 18, 2009
    SF East Bay CA
    Just added 50 sq feet of sod to the outdoor run!! They are LOVING it!! OMG

    Pictures to come soon
  6. gsim

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    Jun 18, 2009
    East Tennessee
    Neat job and I like the hardware cloth to keep coons out. Chickens love to eat grass. You can keep it alive by putting down pr treated 2x2's with hardware cloth nailed to that to form a screen over the grass, about 1 1/2" off ground. That way they can eat it without destroying it. No other way you will ever get grass to stay in a run that small. You cannot walk on it yourself tho without some additional preparation/stepping stones, whatever.

    I have a 2,000 sq ft pen for 24 full-sized pullets, and am not likely to be able to keep grass in it. It is first year, so will have to see if grass will hold up. Figures to be approximately 80 sq ft per bird for mine. I wish now that I had ordered fewer birds or made my pen even bigger. Currently, I have 1/3 of it fenced off for growing grass. I have a good start too, with it right at 2" now and growing fast with the indian summer and the rain. May have to fence a part off every fall and re-seed to keep some grass. Or, may have to do what I described above to have grass year-round. Chickens need fresh living greens daily to be really healthy and that is why I made my run/pen so big. I now think they need 150 sq ft per bird to have grass all of the time. So my pen is 1/2 of what it should be at 185 ft around.
  7. Sillystunt

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Winter Haven, FL
    OMG, i hate you! LOL just playing~
    LOOKS AWESOME! Really good, congrats

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