*finished* Pics of coop's cupola weathervane restoration


8 Years
Jul 25, 2011
***Final pics on post #9***

We put a cupola on top of our coop, and I thought a weathervane on top would be a perfect finishing touch.


We like old things, though. And, a full sized weathervane wouldn't work on our little coop. But, I found the PERFECT antique, miniture, cast iron weathervane on ebay. And, we just won it for $20.

Top and Side view:

Our coop size is only is 4' x 4' with the cupola about 14" x 10" and this weathervane is 7" wide and 5" tall.

I'm going to sand off the rust and bring it back to it's original glory and maybe give it a new, colorful paintjob. I will post pics when it is painted and installed.


My DH has beadblasted it to remove the old paint and rust, and sprayed it with primer. It looks great.



Now, I will go buy some colorful paints from a hobby store and paint it this week. He just has to find someway to mount it while I'm busy with that!

Here I'm holding it up to its spot on top of the cupola, but my arm is not long enough, so the perspective is a bit off.


UPDATE: Painted it this weekend. I free-handed mixing the colors, so the two sides aren't an exact match. But,
close enough for me!



Now, I need to apply some clear coat to protect it from the elements and get DH to mount it on the cupola.

More to come!
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Thanks all! I surprised myself with how good it came out.

Hawkeye95 has a BYC coop page where she showed how she redid an old cast iron bell. That gave ME inspiration, so I'm happy to pay it forward and hope you all post pics of any projects you are inspired to do...
Finally got it installed and it looks pretty durn cute! Hubby had to fashion a clamp at work to screw it into the top of the cupola. No N,W,E,S turning rods, but the coop is in a protected corner with our house on two sides and above, so it would never tell the true wind direction anyway. This is not very fuctional...purely for looks.





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Sure its been a few years, but I wanted to say thanks for posting. You did a fabulous job painting it.

I myself have just finished our rooster weather vane for our coop. Ill post it in my coops page soon after I get pictures uploaded.

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