Finishing my aviary.

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    I started a aviary for my quail along with my dad seeing that he needed friends after his mate(?) died at less than 6 months old. We got about over halfway when my dad starting to not work on it anymore and refuses to do so any longer, even when I have 3 chicks and 2 adults (one mine) that need some sort of better housing. The walls are up, the ceiling is on, the chicken wire windows and ventilation installed, but I still need to add a door and a small outside box that hangs out the window. (But is still attached to the aviary, think of a window AC unit.) I need help on how to attach the door to the hinges and to the side and how to secure the outside box and make it predator safe without a electric fence for a short period of time. (cats, coons, curious dogs, possums) Thanks!
    (PS, anyone who is worried about the quail, I know better not to plop them in together. Unless they start badly panicking about being separated, they will be separated.)
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    Dec 7, 2011
    If you do a search on hanging doors, or maybe hinges a bunch of useful videos should pop up. Chicken wire isn't coon proof.

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