Finishing question - Internal Wood Stabilizer & Paint?

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  1. Caity

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    Apr 12, 2012
    Central, NC
    Hi Everyone,

    We're up-cooping this spring and I had a couple questions regarding wood finishes.I just purchased some Internal Wood Stabilizer from TimberPro UV--billed to be extremely durable and non-toxic--but it doesn't contain any UV protection and it doesn't allow for the use of a stain, so I'm faced with the option of just letting it age au natural and turning grey or painting. I'm a little leery of painting only because I don't see how I would possibly be able to sand & reapply down the road without taking the hardware cloth down, which I have zero interest in doing. Has anyone out there used Internal Wood Stabilizer? Did you paint?


  2. catinthecoop

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    Mar 17, 2017
    I was really hoping someone had used this product and could give some kind of feedback. I've been looking at it off and on, wondering what would be best use for it, and if it works as advertised. (So here is my wordy version of a bump. Sorry OP.)

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