FIREWOOD? Would you burn this? Advice, opinions needed


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Aug 25, 2008
We have dozens of huge oaks on the property, many have lots of dead limbs. Every time it storms they shed branches of all sizes.

Some of the branches have lichen growing on them, see photo below.

Is it safe to use them as kindling in an indoor fireplace? The fireplace is brick, about 108 years or older.

Thanks for any help.

Well I have never researched lichen on branches for firewood but I will tell ya we do use lots of them. We keep piles of little branches/twigs/lightered to use as kindling. Never had any issues with using lichen covered branches.
I don't see where this would cause any problem.

The main problems with what you can burn in a fire place are using unseasoned wood and/or too much pine and causing creosote to build up, which causes chimney fires ... or burning chemically treated wood, and treating yourself to nasty fumes.

Outside those things, I don't think you'd have problems with what you burn in your fireplace.
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They'll burn just fine. Make sure they're good and dry, though, that lichen can hold a bit of water.

If you have birch with those shelf-lump type mushrooms on it, they're valuable kindling, you can keep the mushrooms in a bag and use them for firestarters, they burn wet or dry!
Really! Dang Reinbeau, I have those things growing on stumps and big logs all over. They're beautiful. Not on birch though, no self-respecting birch grows this far south.

But I have oak and pecan firewood from last year, and it's so humid here that all kinds of fungi and ferns grow on them.

Thanks for the heads-up!
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The only issue I can see with it, is the lighter pieces floating up the chimney. Other than that, no issues with burning it. Oak is good for burning, no reason to waste it.
They sell tons of those in Alaska all dried out. The locals call them "punk". I think some people even smoke them.
They sell tons of those in Alaska all dried out. The locals call them "punk". I think some people even smoke them.

I'll pass on smoking them!

As far as floating up the chimney, we have a tin roof. But, we're thinking some hardware cloth would be good to keep from lighting up the woods. But would that impede the escape of smoke?

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