First aid kit for poultry?

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Hi, poultry lovers!

    I live in a remote area, and if something happened to any of my birds (chickens and turkeys) on a Thursday or Friday, I might not be able to get to a store that was open for several days. Soooo, what kinds of things should I have on hand to "be prepared?"

    I'm looking for basic first aid and medicines for the most common illnesses.

    Also, how do you administer medicine to a bird? Give it in pill form? I know lots of stuff tastes terrible, so if it were dissolved in drinking water, they might not take it.

    So what is your list of things to keep on hand, and how do you use it?

    Thanks to everyone!
  2. mmaddie's mom

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    syringe with and without needle (use for a variety of things from cleansing a wound, to feeding, to shots, etc.)
    eye dropper for slower uses
    I have used Tea Tree oil on wounds with good luck but some on this forun say it is toxic... I always keep some on hand
    bird vitamins and electolyte powder to be mixed
    super glue

    This "kit" is a good idea, so I will be interested to see what else we should put in it. [​IMG]
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    I am also interested in this topic! Including medications and their uses... and where to purchase. My TSC does not sell poultry meds. Ive already done some searches and didnt find much info.
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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Thanks, mmaddie's mom.

    I have read that fish-zole is good for treating one fairly rare turkey disease, blackhead, but I don't know about other more common diseases of turkeys and chickens. I can order it over the internet cheaper than at the farm supply store two towns over. But as to how to best administer it, I'm clueless.

    The syringes are a good idea.

    C'mon, Folks, what else should we get?
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    May 7, 2010
    Bottles of saline solution
    Blu cote
    Ivermectin injectable
    Apple cidar Vinegar with the mother!
    Avian vitamins drops
    disposable pads (large blue ones used for people for incontinence) great for bottom of crate when you want things clean and dry during isolation
    super glue
    bandages and items for making splints for example sm. flat wooden sticks and aluminum finger splints
    Tums (for emergency dose of calcium)
    latex and rubber gloves with long sleeves
    Hydrogen peroxide
    heating pad
    heat lamp
    ice bag
    hot water bottle
    chicken diapers
    applesause=no sugar added type
    small chick waterer and feeder or other more spill proof containers for cage or crate, so you can tell exactly how much they are eating and drinking
    your choice of mite/lice treatment for chickens and their coop and run, for example, sevin dust
    DE=diatomatious earth edible type
    Quick stop- sulfer powder that is sold to stop nails from bleeding that were trimmed too close on dogs and cats - stops bleeding when applied with pressure to wounds

    Sorry if any of these are repeats from what others have posted, just trying to remember everything I try to keep on hand, just for use on the birds.

    Take care of you and yours,

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  8. mmaddie's mom

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    Great suggestions , so far!

    A really good cleanser for wounds, rashes, etc....Hibiclens...
    "has antiseptic activity and persistant antimicrobial effect with rapid bactericidal activity against a wide range of microorganisms." ...
    "up to six hours of residual germ killing activity"

    My husband found this at a pharmacy... used in hospitals... very gental.

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