First Aid Kit: Suggestions for what to have on hand


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Jun 4, 2009
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It is the most helpless feeling to be faced with an injured or sick chicken. Without intending to they work their way into our hearts and I for one intend to never get caught in another situation where I am not prepared to help my feathered little buddies. I have started assembling a first aid kit of items I have seen others suggest on this forum and would appreciate more suggestions from ya'll out there.

Nathalie Ross put together a great list that I ran across in a post.

VetWrap or similar self-adhesive wrap.
gauze wrapping type bandages or squares (depending on what you have to bandage)
non-stick pads (depending on what you have to wrap)
antibiotic ointment (neosporin, Swat for horses if you have flies around)
hydrogen peroxide (h202)
warm water
a needleless syringe - preferably a big one like 30 cc's
suture material if you need it (this ideally should be left to a vet)
a small pair of scissors like cuticle scissors are helpful
large scissors
(duct tape in some cases)
a good safe blood clotter. I prefer Clotisol as it's not poisonous and clots IMMEDIATELY even in high blood situations. You can even use it inside of beaks. It's water based, lasts ages for a small bottle. Seriously - ages. You can pretty much only get it online, but it's a must-have for a cabinet. Once you use it, you won't go back.
clean clothes that can be stained

I would like to add a few items that I have recently needed or seen suggested in other posts.

25ga to 28ga syringes
saline solution (I used the kind sold for contact lenses)
eye dropper
electrolytes / vitamins
preperation H

I bought an inexpensive plastic tool box to put my first aid items in.

Is there anything that anyone is aware of that is safe for pain relief?

Please give others the benefit of your experience. What do you wish you had had on hand during an emergency? Please share. Perhaps it will help another.

God bless

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