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    Feb 1, 2009
    La Grange, Ca
    Well, my first attempt at incubating eggs was a wash. [​IMG] None made it. My last little survivor tried valiantly but he too succumbed. He was a NN cross that when I pulled him out to see why he died was indeed a NN x with no feathers [​IMG] But I learned alot. None of them at 24 days has asorbed the yolk. I guess thats from too low temps. I kept the incubator at 99.5 for the first 14 days as stated on the package when later I learned it should have been much higher for a still air incbator.

    So this time I am gonna get the fan for my incubator and a real good quality thermometer/hydrometer. Hopefully things will go better next time.

    I have a question. When you have few eggs in the turners (I had 17) do you want to space them out or keep them clustered up?

    Should you put them over the water well or keep them on the outside of the waterwell?

    Will bumping the incubator bother chicks. (my cat jumped on it once)

    Thanks for helping my next go round be more successful.
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    Feb 5, 2009
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    I have a LG with a turner, when I only have a few eggs I always space mine out and kinda put them under the heating element. It makes them be in sorta a circle. My temps would always be between 100 and 101 and I always had a pretty good hatch. I recently put a fan in mine and had to turn the thermostat down alot to get the temps down to 99.5. I had some button quail eggs in at the time and are due to hatch today, so far this morning 3 are out and more are pipped. I'm sure there are more experienced people that can help. Good luck on your next hatch.
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    Jul 6, 2008
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    My first try are 3 days in the incubator now. I am so nervous I must check on them 15 times a day. I have 29 eggs in. My temp is staying nicely at 99.5 and humidity is staying 50 to 60. I have read so many different things on what the humidity should be it has me worried. I have an lg with a fan and egg turners.
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    My hatch with the NN did not go well either. And I did some detective work after the fact. Some did fail to develope all the way and some were fully formed just could not get out.

    1st they did not start hatching till day 23. I did finally get 4. 2 had to be helped to hatch out, they piped but just could not get out and the membrane was very dry. One went all the way around during the night and died in the shell.

    I found out from someone on this site that NN have this problem, something in the gene.

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