First baby chicks, 1-2 weeks old

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    I have 3 chicks. One is 2-1/2 weeks old, one is 11 days old, and one is 8 days old. They are from the same mama, but the dad is in question until the chicks are older & we can figure out if they look more like a silkie or an American gamefowl (LOL). The mama is a gorgeous golden EE.

    They have been in a "homemade" brooder, made from a modified medium/large pet crate/carrier, light, and kept in the bathroom with an intermittent heater/fan (not blowing directly on the chooks, just circulating warm air in the room). It has worked wonderfully so far, but the little ones are outgrowing it & needed to get out and stretch a bit. I really didn't have a place for them outside yet (we are working on it, should be ready this week). Well, we have some raised beds that are empty right now (with the exception of some leftover spinach/lettuce/cauliflower stubs in the ground that are going to seed and flowering & my other chickens munch on them all day), and these raised beds are covered with hinged "doors" of chicken wire and 2x4s. A *very* safe place for baby chicks to free range in the afternoon!

    So I took them out there today and put them in the raised beds and closed the chicken-wire lids. Within half an hour, I found all three chicks happily dustbathing and chilling out beneath the giant cauliflower leaves.

    I hope they are old enough to be outside for a few hours like this, but they seem to really be enjoying themselves right now.

    They knocked over their water in their homemade brooder & got the bedding all wet. That's becoming a daily issue now & I'm trying to stay on top of it to keep the birds from getting respiratory problems. I figure an afternoon of chilling in the shade and having their first mini "free range" will help. BTW, the raised beds they're hanging out in are 8 feet long by 3-1/2 feet wide & they have plenty of food (chick starter), water, and shade that I put out there for them.

    I'm worried they won't want to come in when it's time. LOL.

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    i was always told not to put chicks out until they were six weeks cause they get worms.
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    I guess it depends on who you talk to because in nature, chicks don't have humans to keep them in brooders for 6 weeks. They live outside just fine. Because my birds are domesticated and we'll be eating their eggs, we'll get them dewormed (just as if they were being brooded by a hen... outside...).

    I'm hoping to give them the best of both worlds. [​IMG]
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