First candeling at day 6

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  1. Well I candeled my eggs I got from Bama lastnight, and I was having good luck on the first couple, but as I kept going I didn't have such good luck. I think I counted 7 out of 17 that were fertile. I am leaving them in, but not sure that I need to. They were pretty clear. The others I candeled had an embryo in them. I wonder if the long trip messed them up! Anyway you guys let me know what you think.

    Lisa how soon are you sending out the eggs?
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    You can be sure that the shipment from Alabama to No Dakota in the winter would have some affect on the eggs especially during the holidays. I hope you get a good hatch on the 7. I am always happy if any hatch. I always consider that what I pay for eggs is still way less than having chicks shipped from a hatchery. You get far superior stock and you don't have to have oodles of little body warmers just to get 6 to 12 chickesn that you want.
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    I feel your pain. I ordered 6 eggs each of 4 different color cochin bantams and they shipped 9 each but 4 where broken and when I candled a day 7 zero of my blue cochins and 6 of my golden laced cochin where not fertile. I so wanted those!!!
  4. I sent you an email, Jada [​IMG]

    Happy Holidays!
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    We are hatching out silkies for a friend, the two shipments she had shipped express (overnight) did great with great fertility but the 2 she had shipped priority none had any signs of life.. course it was the holidays and it was cold and one of the packages took 7 days with priority to get here [​IMG]

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